Zimmer Duron Cup Hip Implant Lawsuit Filed

After his second hip implant surgery in 10 years, the latter to remove his failed metal hip implant after serious complications, New England native William Preskins has filed a lawsuit against medical device manufacturer Zimmer for negligence, illegal marketing, and concealment of safety risks of the device. In 2007, Preskins underwent a hip implant surgery on his left side, but later experienced muscle deterioration, metallic ion profusion, and overall suffering, forcing him to endure a difficult and painful revision surgery in 2015. Preskin’s original hip replacement, Zimmer’s Durom Cup, is part of a group of dangerous metal-on-metal hip implants, which have failed at an alarming rate, in addition to causing potential tissue damage, metallosis, and other complications. Lawsuits against metal hip implant device manufacturers have already led to billions in settlements for injured device recipients.

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