Xarelto Lawsuit Filed on Behalf of Patient Who Suffered Severe Bleeding

After years of negligent and dishonest conduct in connection with the development and marketing of the blood thinner Xarelto, numerous patients are now seeking legal remedies against Bayer and Johnson & Johnson for injuries and death caused by the pharmaceutical. On November 12, 2014, a lawsuit was filed by a knee-replacement patient in Illinois who suffered severe bleeding and excessive blood accumulation as a side effect of taking Xarelto. The patient’s lawsuit will likely join with numerous others in national multi-district litigation over bleeding occurrences tied to Xarelto. These cases all claim that the drug manufacturers knowingly misrepresented the safety of Xarelto in advertisements and failed to properly study and warn patients of the drug's risks—which have been linked to bleeding for which there is no antidote. Reports of bleeding complications, blood clots, and even death continue to emerge nationwide, highlighting the seriousness and widespread nature of the damage Xarelto has caused. To obtain a copy of the complaint or to speak with a lawyer about your experience with Xarelto or that of a loved one, please call 888-207-0382.

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