Women Continue to Suffer Complications from Essure

I went from being a mum who was doing everything with her children, to a mum that was stuck in bed unable to move without pain, at some points being suicidal,” recalls Laura Linkson, mother of three, who suffered severe complications from permanent contraceptive device Essure. Laura was implanted with the device, a small flexible coil made of nickel and polyester fibers inserted into the fallopian tubes, in 2013. Similarly, Victoria Dethier also experienced severe side-effects from Essure and underwent a hysterectomy to remove the device after just three years. “There were moments where I couldn’t get out of bed I was in so much pain,” she recalls.

Thousands of women implanted with the Essure have reported debilitating complications—many also claiming they were unaware of the risks the device may pose. If you have experienced complications from an Essure implant, please call us at 888-985-7228 to speak confidentially with an attorney about your potential claim.

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