Wife of Levaquin Fatality Victim Calls for Drug Safety Reform

Kathy Dannelly, a Georgia woman whose 41 year-old husband Chris died from side effects of the popular but dangerous antibiotic Levaquin, is pushing for drug safety reforms.  Levaquin is part of a class of six antibiotics, including Avelox and Cipro, that are known as fluoroquinolones (FLQ).  These drugs have been linked to potentially permanent peripheral neuropathy and other dangerous, and in this case deadly, side effects.

Chris, who was an athlete, was prescribed once-a-day Levaquin to combat a bout with pneumonia.  After just two doses of the medicine, Chris was taken to a hospital emergency room where he passed away within days. Chris’s autopsy uncovered that the cause of death was likely an adverse reaction to Levaquin, leading to a debilitating muscle-destroying disease that the drug’s safety warning label failed to identify as a potentially serious, life-threatening side effect.

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