Tipping the Scales: Benefits Don’t Outweigh Risks When it Comes to Levaquin

Fluoroquinolones—a class of popular antibiotics including Avelox, Levaquin, and Cipro—have been responsibly prescribed to patients battling life-threatening infections for years. Yet lately, thousands of patients prescribed these drugs to treat minor infections have been reporting major side effects from the drug, including burning and numbing sensations in their extremities. That was the case for Andrea Siani, who felt these debilitating symptoms 9 days into her 10-day prescription of the generic version of Levaquin to battle pneumonia. Caroline Eagan was similarly prescribed Levaquin to fight a sinus infection 8 years ago, but was not given any warning from her doctor about the apparent risks associated with the drug. Since then, she has experienced unpredictable bouts of confusion, and psychiatric events. Experts, including Nova Southeastern University College of Pharmacy professor Dr. Marylee Worley, advise against taking drugs like Avelox and Levaquin, saying, “We know this class of antibiotics is being overly prescribed. If you start experiencing pain, especially around your ankle, call your doctor immediately.”

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