Three Ohio Women Come Forward about Essure’s Adverse Complications

As advocacy groups against Essure continue to gather steam, three Ohio women have come forward claiming Bayer HealthCare’s permanent birth control device made them sick. Dawn Jarrett received the Essure implant in July 2012. Within a month, she was vomiting four times a week and suffering severe headaches and other problems. Similarly, Holly Radloff experienced numbness that eventually spread to the left side of her body shortly after undergoing the Essure procedure while Carla Menkhoff-Black, mother of four, received Essure in the spring of 2014 but became a mother of five the following year after the contraceptive device failed.

The FDA is scheduled to meet in February 2016 to discuss what action to take after receiving more than 5,000 reports of adverse events linked to Essure. If you or a loved one experienced complications after being implanted with Essure, please call us at 888-985-7228 to speak with an experienced attorney about your potential claim.

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