Talcum Powder Bellwether Lawsuits Preparing for Trial

talcum powder and a talcum powder bottle on a dark grey surface

The next group of cases filed by women who allegedly developed ovarian cancer due to talcum powder usage are preparing for trial in 2022. The pretrial schedule order issued by the judge presiding over the centralized talc cases, The Honorable Wolfson of the District of New Jersey, indicated the first set of filing deadlines is set for December 2021. These bellwether “test” trials may help indicate how the jury will react to evidence and testimony in future trials.

Plaintiffs that filed these cases similarly allege that use of Johnson & Johnson’s talc-containing products, including Shower to Shower and Johnson’s Baby Powder, caused their ovarian cancer diagnoses. Lawsuits also allege that Johnson & Johnson neglected to warn consumers of this potentially deadly risk.

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