Takata Airbag Replacement Delays

Natalie Kubes’ 2002 Honda Civic will not have a replacement airbag for at least 6 months. “If my car can essentially kill me as I go home today from my job, I would really like to get that fixed right away. It’s unimaginable to have to wait…I don’t think that is fair at all,” expressed a frustrated Kubes about the delay. She is among millions of car owners waiting for replacement airbags to be installed. In May 2015, Takata announced an industry-wide recall of 34 million airbags, but due to the sheer size of the call-back, it will take months and perhaps years to remedy the safety defect. Takata is prioritizing the replacement of airbags in warmer, high-humidity climates, as airbag explosions may be associated with these conditions, but drivers in other areas will be forced to drive at their own risk until replacements arrive.

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