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Rental Car Equipped with Faulty Takata Airbags Claims Eighth Life

In the largest auto recall in history, 34 million vehicles equipped with Takata-made airbags have been identified as faulty, leading to eight confirmed fatalities thus far. The defective airbag inflators are at the crux of the recall, as they cause the airbag to spontaneously explode, sending metal shrapnel into the vehicle. The eighth fatal...
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Seventh Fatality May be Attributed to Recalled Takata Airbags

Four days after her 2005 Honda Accord crashed, 22-year old Kylan Rae Langlinais passed away from serious injuries she sustained when her vehicle’s Takata-made airbag exploded and sent metal shrapnel into the car. Two days after Langlinais’s death, a recall notice for her Honda vehicle was delivered by mail. Honda has said that “the crash...
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NHTSA’s Takata Airbag Investigation Heats Up

In its attempt to force Takata to issue a recall of its defective airbags, which are prone to exploding and emitting metal shrapnel into the interior of the vehicle, posing serious danger to motorists and passengers, NHTSA has ordered Takata to not only preserve all 10,000 airbag inflators used during recent testing...

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Auto Industry Probe Seeks to Solve Takata Airbag Explosion Mystery

Ten of the world’s largest automakers have come together in an industry-wide investigation to determine the source of the lethal Takata airbag ruptures, which has proved elusive to both the auto-parts manufacturer and its customers over the past several years. In December 2014, Honda, Toyota, Ford, General Motors, and other automakers—who were most...
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