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Study Affirms that Pradaxa Patients Have a Significantly Higher Risk of Bleeding

A study published in early November by the Journal of American Medicine - Internal Medicine, revealed that patients taking the blood-thinner Pradaxa suffered a 30% greater risk of any bleeding, 58% greater risk of major bleeding and 85% higher risk of gastrointestinal bleeding. These results emphasize the heightened danger to patients taking Pradaxa, as...
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Study Shows Increased Bleeding Risks after Taking Blood-Thinner Pradaxa

Over the last 4 years, robust testing of the drug Pradaxa’s effectiveness has uncovered an increased risk in bleeding, sometimes resulting in death. A study done by University of Pittsburgh and reported online in the journal of JAMA Internal Medicine (Article Here) surveyed 9,400 men and women who had atrial fibrillation—1,300 of whom were...
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