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FDA’s 510(k) Approval of Morcellators under U.S. GAO Investigation

As more laparoscopic power morcellators lawsuits are being filed, the devices have come under more intense scrutiny, with the U.S. Government Accountability Office stepping in to monitor the regulatory process.  Morcellators are surgical devices used during gynecological procedures for the removal of fibroids; however, they have recently been linked to spreading aggressive, deadly uterine...

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Feds Launch Investigation into Morcellator Safety Regulations

According to The Wall Street Journal , the U.S. Government Accountability Office (“GAO”) is officially stepping in to investigate the controversial power morcellator medical tool. The investigation was prompted by a dozen lawmakers who wrote to the GAO in August 2015 urging a probe into laparoscopic power morcellators and the regulatory process used...

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Morcellator MDL Opposed by Leading Manufacturers of the Medical Device

Nearly two dozen lawsuits filed against manufacturers of gynecological tools called power morcellators have been proposed to be consolidated before one judge, yet makers of these controversial devices are opposing the move. A mechanism called a multi-district litigation, or “MDL,” allows courts to consolidate cases alleging similar claims in one court to expedite discovery...

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New Study Reveals Dangers of Robot-Assisted Power Morcellation

While power morcellators have succumbed to a backlash among the medical community and patients who suffered from their dangerous consequences, such as spreading unknown cancer, robot-assisted surgeries have been shown to pose additional risks. A new retrospective study conducted by researchers from three prominent university medical centers analyzed adverse event data from the...

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