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New Study Reveals Dangers of Robot-Assisted Power Morcellation

While power morcellators have succumbed to a backlash among the medical community and patients who suffered from their dangerous consequences, such as spreading unknown cancer, robot-assisted surgeries have been shown to pose additional risks. A new retrospective study conducted by researchers from three prominent university medical centers analyzed adverse event data from the...

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Lawsuit: Morcellator Spread Lethal Cancer

When Michael Watkins’ mother underwent a procedure to remove uterine fibroids in May 2011, the family had no idea that the medical device used during surgery spread dangerous cancer throughout her abdomen. Less than a week after the surgery, Watkins’ mother was diagnosed with adenosarcoma and sarcomatous, rare and aggressive cancers that led to her...
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Power Morcellation Led to Stage 4 Cancer for Michigan Woman

A Michigan woman received some devastating news after undergoing power morcellation in 2011 during her laparoscopic supracervical hysterectomy: she was diagnosed with stage 4 bone and breast cancer just three years later. A power morcellator, the surgical tool used by her doctor to grind up and remove tissue through a tiny incision in her...

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