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Metal-on-Metal Hip Replacement Revision Rates Increased Since 2007: Study

Metal-on-metal hip implants have been alleged to cause metal particles to be released into the bloodstream and surrounding soft tissue. This can result in metallosis and often necessitate painful and more complicated revision surgery, in which the device is removed and replaced by an entirely new device. A new study published...
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$4.5 Million Jury Verdict Secured for Failed Wright Hip Implant Plaintiff

In handing down a $4.5 million verdict,  a Los Angeles Superior Court jury found Wright Medical Technology Inc. responsible for the defective manufacturing of its Profemur R metal-on-metal hip implant that caused plaintiff Alan Warner to suffer severe pain. This high-damage verdict may be echoed in future trials over similar...
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Does It Matter That I Have Not Had A Revision Surgery


Some of our clients have been suffering pain and symptoms that are associated with the implantation of a metal-on-metal device. But, for various medical reasons, [they] have not been able to have a revision surgery or [they] have elected not to have revision surgery...
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What Should I Know About Hip Replacement Injury Settlements?


There have been several settlements with various manufacturers of metal-on-metal hips. There is currently a settlement deal that is pending against the Stryker defendants. Last year, Johnson & Johnson Depuy proposed a settlement for the majority of the cases in their proceeding. There have been...
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