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Tipping the Scales: Benefits Don’t Outweigh Risks When it Comes to Levaquin

Fluoroquinolones—a class of popular antibiotics including Avelox, Levaquin, and Cipro—have been responsibly prescribed to patients battling life-threatening infections for years. Yet lately, thousands of patients prescribed these drugs to treat minor infections have been reporting major side effects from the drug, including burning and numbing sensations in their extremities. That was the...

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Reports of More Levaquin Side Effects Mount

As information about the dangerous side effects of Levaquin and other popular fluoroquinolone drugs (including Avelox and CIPRO) continues to spread, so too do reports of new serious unintended side effects. Numerous patients suffering potentially permanent peripheral neuropathy as an adverse reaction to these drugs are now joined by other victims, who...

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