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Invokana Class Action Lawsuit Filed in Canada

As individual lawsuits continue to be filed in the U.S., makers of Invokana face a class action lawsuit in Canada over a potentially fatal risk of kidney failure associated with the diabetes drug. Seeking an Invokana recall throughout the country, the class is alleging that Johnson & Johnson’s subsidiary Janssen Pharmaceuticals failed to provide...

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Report: Diabetic Ketoacidosis Predictable Among Invokana Patients

A report published by the American Diabetes Association in its journal Diabetes Care discusses some key information for Invokana users and their doctors. In light of the FDA’s May 2015 concerns that Invokana may carry an increased risk of diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA), or high levels of acid in the blood, researchers from the...

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FDA Ramps Up Invokana Warning Label

Diabetes drug Invokana recently received an updated warning label mandated by the FDA, to include stronger information about bone mineral density issues, including an increased risk for bone fractures as well as an “Adverse Reactions” section highlighting the drug’s risks. Invokana, a popular medication used to help lower blood sugar in type-2 diabetes...

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Consumer Watchdog Group is On to Invokana’s Off-Label Marketing

In just 2.5 short years, newcomer Type-2 diabetes drug Invokana has rocketed to the top of the sales market, largely driven by advertisements directed at consumers. These advertisements, however, have raised concerns over how they affect the public’s perception of the safety and efficacy of the drug—often downplaying serious, life-threatening side effects.  Public Citizen, a...
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