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Official GM Ignition Death Tally Rises to 36

At least 36 people have lost their lives due to accidents caused by defective ignition switches in General Motors vehicles. The number of death claims approved for settlement from GM’s $400-600 million victims’ compensation fund rose one from 35 a week ago, according to the report released Monday by attorney and compensation expert Kenneth Feinberg....
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Congress Calls on GM to Extended or Eliminate Deadline for Claims

Policymakers and advocacy groups alike have called on compensation fund administrators to extend or eliminate the deadline for filing ignition switch-related claims. Senator Blumenthal of Connecticut released a statement yesterday explaining the difficulties of meeting the deadlines for many families and victims of the defect, calling the deadline “inadequate.” Criminal investigations remain pending, as do...
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Bellwether GM Injury Trial Scheduled for January 2016

As personal injury, wrongful death, and economic loss lawsuits against General Motors continue to grow, the first trial over the faulty ignition switch recall is slated to take place in January 2016, with almost a hundred other cases following closely behind. Just five months ago, proceedings centralizing litigation before U.S District Judge Jesse Furman in...
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Official GM Ignition Death Toll Rises to 27

Fatalities blamed on recalled General Motors vehicles with defective ignitions rose to 27 this week, up three from the previous week according to independent compensation expert and attorney Kenneth Feinberg. At least 151 other death claims are currently under review. Claims for non-fatal injuries rose to 1,193 from 1130 last week. Of those, Feinberg’s office reported...
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