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Was your vehicle on the GM recall list? General Motors’ recalled millions of vehicles in the US that contained defective ignition switches.

119 Deaths Attributed to GM Faulty Ignition Scandal

General Motors’ compensation fund administrator Kenneth Feinberg has now approved 119 fatalities after the automaker’s defective ignition switches caused their vehicles to crash. GM executives knew about the problems with the switches since 2003, which cause the vehicle’s key system to slip out of the “on” position and power down...

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GM Classifies Fatal Ignition Switch Defect as “Extremely Minor”

When Tanner Tucker was killed on impact in a car accident at the age of 17, his family, friends, and community lost an honor student, young athlete, 5-time class president and Purdue University engineering degree candidate. Four years later, Tucker’s parents received a recall notice for their son’s 2002 Pontiac Grand...

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100th Death Claim Approved in GM Ignition Switch Crisis

One hundred families have now been approved to receive compensation from General Motors in connection with the ignition switch defect that cost loved ones their lives.  Compensation expert Kenneth Feinberg, the attorney GM hired to administer its $600 million compensation fund, has also approved payments to be made to 184 injury claimants related to...

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As Recognized Death Toll Rises, Document Retention and Turnover Demanded of GM

As the General Motors ignition switch recall scandal heats up in the courts, judges have ordered the preservation of recall-related documents from GM’s auditor, supplier, and underwriters in the securities fraud class action case, and also ordered the turnover of all documents GM provided to Congress, NHTSA and other government agencies pertaining to...
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