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General Motors’ vehicles contained faulty ignition switches that led to a massive recall. Learn about the GM faulty ignition scandal by reading our site.

General Motors to Shell out Nearly $1 Billion in Criminal Fines

In response to General Motors’ faulty ignition switch scandal, which rocked the auto industry in 2014 and led to the company recalling 2.6 million vehicles, the automaker has agreed to pay $900 million to settle criminal charges associated with its defective switches.

Announced by the Justice Department on September 17, 2015, the settlement...

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Majority of Ignition Switch Claims Rejected by GM

General Motors recently completed processing thousands of injury and death claims associated with its 2.6 million-vehicle ignition switch recall; however, the compensation fund set up to pay victims for their injuries and lost loved ones rejected roughly 90% of the claims. According to statistics released by the fund, only 399 of the...

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119 Deaths Attributed to GM Faulty Ignition Scandal

General Motors’ compensation fund administrator Kenneth Feinberg has now approved 119 fatalities after the automaker’s defective ignition switches caused their vehicles to crash. GM executives knew about the problems with the switches since 2003, which cause the vehicle’s key system to slip out of the “on” position and power down...

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GM Death Toll Reaches 117

Defective ignition switches installed in 2.6 million of General Motors’ vehicles have now claimed at least 117 deaths. GM began recalling its vehicles equipped with the faulty switches in February 2014, but the company has known about the defect for over a decade. GM faces numerous lawsuits as well as investigations into the...
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