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Essure Implant Recalled in Australia

Last Wednesday (8/30/2017), the controversial contraceptive device, Essure, was removed from the Australian market after reports of unintended pregnancies, chronic pain and medical problems continued to surface. A ‘hazard alert’ was issued to inform medical professionals and patients of the device’s dangers by the Department of Health’s Therapeutic Goods...
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Judge Denies Bayer’s Attempt to Sever 167 Essure Claims

In a ruling issued on March 2, 2017, Judge Winifred Y. Smith of the Alameda County Superior Court denied Bayer HealthCare’s motion to sever claims brought by 167 plaintiffs in two coordinated Essure lawsuits. Bayer contended that the claims were improperly joined together, citing differences among the plaintiffs’ allegations. Grant & Eisenhofer Director Beth Graham,...
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California Rulings in Essure Lawsuits Could Clear Way for Future Litigation

Last week, 11 lawsuits filed by 14 women were allowed to proceed in California state court against Essure’s manufacturer Bayer Healthcare, paving the way for the Essure litigation to move forward. The August 2016 rulings issued by Alameda County Superior Court Judge Winifred Y. Smith advance the lawsuits to the next phase, where the...
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Two Texas Women Come Forward About Essure Complications

As public scrutiny continues to mount against Bayer HealthCare’s permanent birth control device Essure, two Texas women have spoken out, claiming that the device has caused them enduring painful side-effects. Five months after receiving the Essure implant, Angela Otwell experienced an ovarian cyst rupture that she believes...

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