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Women Continue to Suffer Complications from Essure

I went from being a mum who was doing everything with her children, to a mum that was stuck in bed unable to move without pain, at some points being suicidal,” recalls Laura Linkson, mother of three, who suffered severe complications from permanent contraceptive device Essure. Laura was...
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Attorneys Seeking Trials after Essure Lawsuits are Coordinated

A December 2016 order was recently signed by Superior Court Judge Winifred Y. Smith of Alameda County, the California judge who is presiding over the coordinated Essure lawsuits that claim similar allegations over contraceptive device Essure. The order assigns responsibilities to the lawyers managing the legal procedures as well as discusses litigation strategies to streamline...
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California Rulings in Essure Lawsuits Could Clear Way for Future Litigation

Last week, 11 lawsuits filed by 14 women were allowed to proceed in California state court against Essure’s manufacturer Bayer Healthcare, paving the way for the Essure litigation to move forward. The August 2016 rulings issued by Alameda County Superior Court Judge Winifred Y. Smith advance the lawsuits to the next phase, where the...
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