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Women Continue to Suffer Complications from Essure

I went from being a mum who was doing everything with her children, to a mum that was stuck in bed unable to move without pain, at some points being suicidal,” recalls Laura Linkson, mother of three, who suffered severe complications from permanent contraceptive device Essure. Laura was...
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Essure Lawsuit Filed by Two French Women Alleging Complications

While thousands of women in the U.S. have experienced complications with permanent contraceptive device Essure, many women in France have also faced problems with the device. Two French women have filed a complaint against Essure’s manufacturer Bayer HealthCare, alleging negative side-effects similar to those claimed in U.S. lawsuits. According to French newspaper...
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Essure Postmarket Study to be conducted in Wake of Reported Injuries

After thousands of problems associated with permanent contraceptive device Essure were reported to the FDA, the device regulator ordered the device’s manufacturer Bayer to submit plans for a postmarket surveillance study. The FDA requires these kinds of studies for devices that have posed significant adverse health problems or are permanent implants. Read more

Two Texas Women Come Forward About Essure Complications

As public scrutiny continues to mount against Bayer HealthCare’s permanent birth control device Essure, two Texas women have spoken out, claiming that the device has caused them enduring painful side-effects. Five months after receiving the Essure implant, Angela Otwell experienced an ovarian cyst rupture that she believes...

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