Sure, Xarelto Is Convenient—But Is It Safe?

The pharmaceutical industry is constantly churning out drugs that are touted as faster, more convenient, and easier to use−but newer is not always better. At least that seems to be the case with prescription Xarelto, marketed as a new-age anti-coagulant with all the same benefits, but far less hassle than that of warfarin. Yet, Xarelto has a downfall that may render all of its positive advancements null and void: it doesn’t have an antidote to reverse its blood thinning effects. This lack of a reversal agent has proved catastrophic and even deadly for patients prescribed the medicine who experienced severe bleeding episodes. Patients taking warfarin might have found stringent blood monitoring bothersome, but in doing so, bleeding could be caught early and easily treated by administering vitamin K. Although our fast-moving and instant gratification-seeking society holds convenience in high esteem, is it really worth compromising long-term health for this short-term benefit?

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