Study Affirms that Pradaxa Patients Have a Significantly Higher Risk of Bleeding

A study published in early November by the Journal of American Medicine - Internal Medicine, revealed that patients taking the blood-thinner Pradaxa suffered a 30% greater risk of any bleeding, 58% greater risk of major bleeding and 85% higher risk of gastrointestinal bleeding. These results emphasize the heightened danger to patients taking Pradaxa, as well as bolster allegations against the company for issuing this harmful drug, which has been linked to over 500 deaths and thousands of bleeding incidents. In May 2014, the maker of Pradaxa, German pharmaceutical company Boehringer Ingelheim, agreed to pay $650 million to settle over 4,000 lawsuits. Additional lawsuits are being filed increasingly damaging information is revealed, including allegations that Boehringer Ingelheim withheld safety information about Pradaxa, putting lives at risk solely for financial gain.

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