Serious Complications from Essure Land Many Women in the Hospital

“I feel like everything’s been stolen from me,” laments Elizabeth Fluegge of her painful experience with permanent contraceptive device Essure. Ten months after implantation, the pain caused by the device became so unbearable that a complete hysterectomy was her only option for relief. Fluegge is not alone, as she and thousands of other recipients of Bayer HealthCare’s device have complained to the FDA of serious, life-altering side-effects from the implant, including perforations of the uterus, abnormal bleeding, allergic reactions to the metal, and other complications. Moreover, many women who chose Essure as their method of contraception did so because no surgery was required, though, like Fluegge, ultimately did wind up on the operating table. If you or a loved one experienced complications after being implanted with Essure, call us at 888-985-7228 to speak confidentially with an attorney about your potential claim.

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