Prescription Antibiotics Provide More than Patients Bargain For

When Dorothy D’Amato developed a lung infection in 2010, she was prescribed Avelox, a strong antibiotic, to treat her condition. After she began experiencing numbness, tingling, and pain in her feet—telltale signs of peripheral neuropathy—D’Amato started getting concerned. Her concern grew to anger, as the fine print that Bayer Healthcare’s drug carried “wasn’t anywhere clear enough” in communicating the severe side effects she experienced. D’Amato filed a lawsuit against the drugmaker, alleging that Bayer knew about the risk of permanent nerve damage associated with Avelox for years. Though labels on these dangerous drugs known as fluoroquinolones (which include other popular antibiotics Cipro and Levquin) have since been updated, D’Amato still feels that the risks are not adequately conveyed.

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