Number of Xarelto Cases Steadily Climbing

Since December 2014, the number of Xarelto-related lawsuits filed and collected under a multi-district litigation (“MDL”) has grown by the hundreds. An MDL collects all cases alleging similar claims and centralizes them before one judge to expedite proceedings and reduce costs. One of the latest cases to be filed against Janssen Pharmaceuticals, manufacturer of the dangerous anticoagulant, was filed by Mary Walker who claims that she and other patients were not properly warned of the bleeding risks Xarelto carries. Additionally, Walker alleges that Janssen deceptively marketed the drug as “one-size-fits-all” and implied that the drug does not require blood monitoring, unlike competitor drug warfarin. Given the fact that Xarelto doesn’t currently have a bleeding antidote, many patients have fell victim to the drug after experiencing fatal bleeds.

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