New Zantac Study Lends Support to Plaintiffs’ Cancer Claims

Lawsuits filed against Sanofi and Boehringer Ingelheim, manufacturer of heartburn medication Zantac, top 291 in the multidistrict litigation, and are expected to rise in the near future. Plaintiffs allege cancer injury claims stemming from ranitidine, the active ingredient in the medication. The Zantac MDL was consolidated in February 2020 in the Southern District of Florida, grouping plaintiffs with similar claims together for coordinated pre-trial proceedings. Since then, Judge Robin L. Rosenberg has ordered plaintiffs to submit a census of all Zantac cases, which will provide data to the court that will impact future case management decisions.

At the same time, a new study conducted by researchers from the National Institute of Health Sciences was released. The study, published in the Chemical and Pharmaceutical Bulletin, highlights the risks of drug storage. It suggests that Zantac may be affected by high temperatures, as well as the presence of oxygen and humidity. Exposure of the drug to these conditions may increase the level of N-nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA), a known carcinogen. The study’s findings showed that when Zantac tablets (from two different brands) were subject to 104 degrees Fahrenheit and 75% relative humidity for 8 weeks, the amount of NDMA substantially increased to up to 116 parts per million—far exceeding the FDA’s limit of .32 parts per million. The study adds more support to plaintiffs’ claims that Zantac caused their cancer diagnoses.

Did You take Zantac and Think You Have a Valid Cancer Claim?

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