New Study Confirms Link between Risperdal and Gynecomastia

A Canadian study linking anti-psychotic drug Risperdal to gynecomastia, or breast growth in men, has found a significantly increased risk of the condition in young men. Analyzing over 400,000 males ages 15 to 25, researchers from the University of British Columbia and McGill University found that male Risperdal users had four times the risk of developing gynecomastia than non-users, and five times the risk among boys under 18 years of age.

These disturbing statistics support the claims of numerous plaintiffs suing Risperdal’s manufacturer Janssen Pharmaceuticals, alleged to have known about the gynecomastia side effect for years but never properly warned its patients, and to have marketed the drug “off-label,” or for uses not approved by the FDA. Over 1,400 lawsuits are pending before the First Judicial District of Pennsylvania, alleging similar gynecomastia claims. If you or your son developed breasts while taking Risperdal, please contact us by calling us at 888-931-4335 for a confidential evaluation of your potential claim.

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