New Philips CPAP Lawsuit Alleges Bladder Cancer 

senior man with respiratory mask and potentially experiencing long term side effects of CPAP machine

A new lawsuit has been filed against Philips, maker of several types of CPAP and BiPAP machines that were recalled in June 2021. The lawsuit, filed in Alabama by a man who was using the Philips System One REMstar Auto CPAP machine, alleges that the breathing device caused him to develop bladder cancer. He had used the machine for approximately 9 years before he was diagnosed. He also contends that the device carried no warnings or language pertaining to potential health risks such as cancer.

Millions of CPAP, BiPAP and mechanical ventilator manufactures by Philips were recalled last June, designated by the FDA as a Class I recall—the most severe. The problem with the machines concerns the sound abatement foam used to quiet the vibrations the device makes when operating. Over time, the foam breaks down and may release tiny toxic particles and carcinogenic gases into the machine. These particles and gases may cause harm if ingested, and may lead to certain cancers, respiratory failure, or other health conditions.

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