New NEC Baby Formula Lawsuit Filed Concerning Catastrophic Injuries

preterm baby

Another lawsuit against Abbott Labs and Mead Johnson alleges that a baby born prematurely sustained life-threatening injuries after ingesting the companies’ cow’s milk-based formula products.

The mother, from Arkansas, filed the suit in December 2022 after her son, born in June 2006, developed necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC) while in the NICU. The baby was born prematurely at 24 weeks, after which he was fed Enfamil and Similac formulas during his first few months of life. After about three weeks of being fed 22-calorie Preemie Enfamil and 24-calorie Premature Enfamil with thickit, the infant started showing signs of NEC; the development of which has caused other injuries as he grows older, the complaint alleges.

The suit also contends that Abbott and Mead Johnson did not warn parents or medical providers of the risk of NEC in preterm infants—nor did they provide guidance on proper use to mitigate the risks or avoid other serious injuries, including death.

Many families from across the country have filed similar lawsuits, each claiming that Abbott and/or Mead Johnson failed to warn families and the medical community of the dangerous risks their cow’s milk-based formulas may post to preterm infants.

Who Is Eligible to File a Baby Formula Lawsuit?

If your preterm baby was given Enfamil or Similac formula while in the NICU and was diagnosed with NEC that required surgery, caused ongoing problems, or resulted in death, please call our law firm today. You may be eligible to file an Enfamil lawsuit or a Similac lawsuit. Grant & Eisenhofer’s attorneys can evaluate your potential claim with you during a free consultation.

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