New Avelox Nerve Damage Suit Filed

After taking potent antibiotic Avelox in 2012, Jacqueline Whitters developed severe pain, numbness and weakness in her body, resulting in permanent peripheral neuropathy. Now, three years later, Whitters claims that Avelox’ manufacturers, Bayer Corp. and Merck & Co., may have known about the nerve damage risks associated with the drug yet misleadingly marketed it by downplaying its serious side-effects. She has filed a complaint, like so many other patients, alleging that Bayer and Merck fraudulently concealed the dangers of the drug, and that they have promoted it as a remedy for minor bacterial infections, such as bronchitis, when its intended use is for much more serious infections.  Avelox, along with its sister drugs Levaquin and Cipro (also known as fluoroquinolones, or “FLQs”), were given “black box” warnings by the FDA to warn patients of their similar risks, but many are wondering if these risks are really worth a lifetime of nerve damage.

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