More Women File Claims Against Elmiron Manufacturer for Vision Loss

Women across the country are filing lawsuits against Janssen Pharmaceuticals, manufacturer of the drug Elmiron, claiming the drug caused their vision problems such as maculopathy. Long-term use of the drug, which is prescribed to treat bladder pain, has been linked to vision problems such as blurry vision, loss of close vision, night blindness, and other serious vision-related problems. Pigmentary maculopathy, a common injury related to Elmiron use, affects the part of the eye that senses light.

Along with vision loss claims, Elmiron users also allege that Janssen failed to warn patients and doctors of these potentially permanent conditions. Approved by the FDA in 1996, some plaintiffs had taken the drug for many years—even decades. It was not until 2020 that Janssen finally changed the label for Elmiron to warn doctors and patients of the risk for maculopathy in short-and long-term Elmiron use.

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