Louisiana Woman Dies Three Months After Taking Xarelto

The granddaughter of a Louisiana woman filed a wrongful death lawsuit accusing Xarelto manufacturers Bayer HealthCare and Johnson & Johnson of their failing to warn the public about the risks associated with the blood thinner. The plaintiff’s grandmother was prescribed Xarelto to treat a blood clot. Due to Xarelto’s failure to have a bleeding antidote, she developed unstoppable internal bleeding in her brain.

This lawsuit is one of approximately 2,500 filed against Xarelto’s manufacturers as part of a multidistrict litigation (“MDL”) in the Eastern District of Louisiana. Many plaintiffs in the MDL are represented by Grant & Eisenhofer, involved in the Bellwether Selection Committee and co-leading the Law & Briefing Committee of the Xarelto MDL. If you or a loved one experienced complications from taking the drug Xarelto, please call us at 888-207-0382 for a confidential evaluation of your potential claim.

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