Levaquin Side Effects Not Worth the Risk for Kidney Transplant Patients

University of Ottowa researchers have presented new findings in the Journal of the American Medical Association that side effects of certain antibiotics should prevent their recommendation for use as preventative treatment for kidney transplant infections. In particular, the fluoroqinolone (FLQ) class of antibiotics, which includes drugs such as Avelox, Cipro, and Levaquin, has been connected to unintended side effects of peripheral neuropathy, leading to long-term and potentially permanent numbness, tingling, and weakness in patients prescribed these drugs. New findings by the Canadian research team have also determined another associated side effect—patients’ ability to develop antibiotic resistance when taking these drugs over an extended period of time—which poses too great a risk to warrant their use in protecting kidney transplant infections. In seeking a remedy for lowered immune defenses in kidney transplant patients, doctors determined that use of FLQ’s was not supported to prevent infections due to these serious adverse events.

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