What Should I Know About Hip Replacement Injury Settlements?


There have been several settlements with various manufacturers of metal-on-metal hips. There is currently a settlement deal that is pending against the Stryker defendants. Last year, Johnson & Johnson Depuy proposed a settlement for the majority of the cases in their proceeding. There have been settlement talks in the Biomet litigation. There are several hip manufacturers all who have made identical products, in essence, called metal-on-metal hips. And these include Wright, Zimmer, Stryker, Biomet [and] Johnson & Johnson Depuy. So, again, if you have a claim and you suffered an injury as a result of the implantation of a metal-on-metal device, it is important that you talk to an attorney who can help you understand the settlements that are being proposed [and can] help you understand if you can participate in a settlement. Attorneys familiar with the litigation also can help claimants enhance their rewards because there are levels of participation in each of these settlements. So, there is what is called a base award and then there are different enhancements for different types of injuries. So, it is important to talk to an attorney if you think that you may have a claim.

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