JUUL Litigation Continues as Vaping Leads to Hospitalization & Deaths

Dozens of product liability and class action lawsuits filed against e-cigarette and vaping behemoth, JUUL Labs, were centralized in court last month in order to move litigation forward quickly, given the gravity of the health concerns surrounding their products.

The company’s JUUL vape pen, a device that looks like a USB flash drive, has been linked to lung damage, respiratory illness, and deaths among teens and prior non-smokers. In recent months, emergency rooms across the country have been treating thousands of people for vaping-related illnesses—in severe cases, with ventilators and oxygen treatments. The American Medical Association echoed the concerns of parents and medical professionals by calling for a ban on vaping products.

Many of the complaints in the JUUL Litigation allege that the San Francisco-based company targeted youth (including minors) by producing and marketing candy-flavored JUUL Pods. Furthermore, the packaging allegedly failed to warn consumers about the nicotine addiction risks and promoted its vaping products as healthier alternatives to cigarettes.

In September 2019, a criminal investigation commenced and the CEO of JUUL Labs stepped down.

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