Honda Reporting Failures Revealed

On November 24, 2014, the NHTSA released a “Fact Sheet: Honda Early Warning Report Audit & NHTSA Special Order” that summarizes key findings of a third-party audit.  The audit was commissioned by Honda Motor Co. to investigate potential reporting negligence in connection with injuries and deaths associated with its vehicles. The inquiry concluded that Honda failed to report over 1,700 injuries and fatalities in violation of federal law.  These “reporting lapses” came to light as part of the nationwide Takata airbag scandal, in which drivers and passengers have been injured or killed by shrapnel and other debris emitted by exploding airbags. Honda has recalled over 5 million of the nearly 8 million vehicles recalled.  U.S. Regulators and advocates argue that if proper reporting protocols had been followed, the Takata airbag defect may have been identified much sooner, saving countless drivers from injury and even death.

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