Hernia Mesh Lawsuits Continue to Mount

Thousands of people have filed hernia mesh lawsuits seeking compensation for serious complications and side effects related to their hernia mesh implant.  Hernia mesh complications and side effects include chronic or intermittent pain, mesh movement or migration, attaching to nearby bowels or organs, shrinkage and disintegration, infection, bowel obstruction, hernia recurrence, protrusion or perforation, and additional surgeries.  The FDA has initiated recalls on certain types of hernia mesh and some manufacturers have “voluntarily” recalled or removed from the market certain hernia mesh brands. There are thousands of mesh lawsuits against companies like Ethicon, Atrium, and Bard. Hernia mesh products from the following companies have been reported as causing significant complications: Johnson & Johnson’s Ethicon Physiomesh and Proceed mesh and patch, Atrium C QUR mesh, and the C. R. Bard Davol 3D-Max mesh.

Do you Think You Have a Hernia Mesh Lawsuit?

If you or a loved one received a hernia mesh patch to repair a hernia and have experienced complications or underwent revision surgery, please call us at (888) 984-7988 or fill out the contact form.

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