FDA Ramps Up Invokana Warning Label

Diabetes drug Invokana recently received an updated warning label mandated by the FDA, to include stronger information about bone mineral density issues, including an increased risk for bone fractures as well as an “Adverse Reactions” section highlighting the drug’s risks. Invokana, a popular medication used to help lower blood sugar in type-2 diabetes patients, has been also linked kidney failure, ketoacidosis (high levels of acid in the blood), strokes and heart attacks.  A number of lawsuits have been filed against Invokana’s manufacturer Janssen Pharmaceuticals alleging that the drug company failed to properly study the drug’s effects and adequately warn patients of its numerous dangerous risks.

Please call 888-973-6379 if you or a loved one experienced complications from taking Invokana. Experienced attorneys can help you navigate your potential claim and discuss the legal options available to you.

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