FDA Confirms High Levels of Toxic Belladonna in Teething Tablets

In a January 2017 FDA safety alert, the regulator is recommending against the use of homeopathic teething tablets manufactured by Hyland’s due to inconsistent levels of belladonna. A potentially toxic substance that comes from the deadly nightshade plant, belladonna can cause life-threatening side-effects, including seizures and difficulty breathing. While retailers have voluntarily pulled the product from their shelves, Hyland’s has yet to issue a formal recall—even after the FDA’s urging to do so.

The FDA is encouraging parents and caregivers to seek medical attention if their child experiences complications after using homeopathic teething products. If you or a loved one used Hyland’s teething tablets on your baby and your baby exhibited adverse side-effects, please contact us by calling (888) 984-7988 so we can confidentially discuss the legal options available to you.

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