FDA Bans Most Flavored Vaping Pods

In an effort to limit teen vaping, the FDA has placed a ban on most flavored vaping products. Mint and fruit flavored nicotine vaping cartridges must be removed from distribution by the end of January 2020. E-cigarette companies may also face regulatory action if their products are market to minors or if they do not take adequate measures to prevent children from accessing the products. The rise in e-cigarette use among teens, coupled with lung illnesses from vaping that have killed at least 55 people across 27 states, has prompted the regulatory agency to issue the ban.

Juul Labs corners the majority of the e-cigarette and vaping product market, and is at the center of many lawsuits and federal investigations alleging that the company targeted young people, including minors, and failed to warn consumers that their vaping products contain nicotine. Juul is also being accused of promoting its vaping products as healthier alternatives to cigarettes. Vape pen use, often called Juuling, has been linked to lung damage and even death among young people.

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