Essure Not as Effective as Bayer Claims

Despite being touted as a nearly 100% effective at preventing pregnancy, Bayer HealthCare’s contraceptive device Essure has failed hundreds of women. For Ellen, mother of 4-year old Leena, she experienced the device’s shortcomings firsthand when she got pregnant 9 months after being implanted with the device—and it wasn’t an easy pregnancy. Ellen went into pre-term labor at 29-weeks pregnant, and was in and out of the hospital until she finally gave birth to her “E-baby,” a term coined for babies born from Essure pregnancies. While little research has been done on “E-pregnancies,” some children have exhibited health issues indicative of metal poisoning. Bayer continues to market its device as a safe and effective measure of pregnancy prevention, yet for many mothers, it’s clearly not.

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