Double-Edged Sword: Antibiotic Avelox Yields Harmful Side-Effects

The booming pharmaceutical industry experiences plenty of ups and downs—revolutionary drugs constantly burst onto the market, but often discoveries of their harmful side-effects are soon to follow. The antibiotic Avelox was developed to treat serious infections like anthrax and meningitis, but has been linked to serious and potentially permanent side effects, such as nerve damage leading to peripheral neuropathy, and tendon ruptures occurring especially in patients over age 60 and those on steroid therapy. Patients who thought they were taking a safe drug to treat infection turned out to be doing more harm than good, and they ended up putting their quality of life at risk. The tingling, burning, and numb sensations experienced by patients taking Avelox may have been avoided had drugmaker Bayer Healthcare provided stronger warning labels alerting its users of its potential for serious nerve damage. If you were prescribed Avelox to treat infection and experienced any of these debilitating side effects, you should call 888-852-5894 to discuss your options.

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