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close up of a women's eyeIndividuals who took Elmiron and experienced vision problems, like pigmentary maculopathy, have filed lawsuits against the drug manufacturer, Janssen Pharmaceuticals. Many Elmiron lawsuits allege that Janssen failed to warn doctors and patients about the risks of vision problems associated with the drug. These risks include potential development of serious eye damage and vision-related injuries.

If you are suffering from vision problems after taking Elmiron, discuss your situation with our attorneys. Our experienced attorneys can help you determine whether you are eligible to file an Elmiron lawsuit. We may be able to help you hold Janssen Pharmaceuticals responsible for your damages.

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Eye Damage and Elmiron Lawsuits

Elmiron is the branded name for pentosan polysulfate sodium (PPS). This drug is an oral medication used to treat bladder pain or discomfort caused by interstitial cystitis (IC).

In a 2018 study, chronic exposure to Elmiron was associated with a unique and avoidable maculopathy. This condition affects the macula—the central portion of the retina, which senses light. Individuals taking Elmiron may experience the following symptoms:

  • Loss of close vision
  • Blurry vision
  • Dimmed vision
  • Difficulty adapting from light to dark
  • Difficulty reading
  • Dark spots
  • Night blindness
  • Central vision loss

Status of Lawsuits

Approximately 130 lawsuits in the Elmiron litigation were centralized in December 2020 in New Jersey. Individuals that want to pursue an Elmiron eye damage lawsuit may still have time to file their claims. For more information on the status of the litigation and filing a lawsuit, contact our legal team.

Qualifying for an Elmiron Lawsuit

Lawsuits in the Elmiron litigation claim that chronic exposure to the drug is linked to a degenerative eye disorder, called “pigmentary maculopathy,” and other vision problems. People who took Elmiron and suffer from eye damage may be legally entitled to compensation.

You may be eligible to file a Elmiron eye damage lawsuit if you:

  • Took Elmiron for a prolonged period of time, and;
  • Were diagnosed with pigmentary maculopathy, other serious vision disorders or experienced bilateral vision loss symptoms.

Questions an Elmiron Lawyer May Ask You

When you contact a law firm to discuss your potential Elmiron eye damage case, your Elmiron lawyer will want to understand your specific situation. To do this, he or she may ask you questions, such as:

  • How long did you take Elmiron?
  • What injuries have you sustained after taking Elmiron?
  • When specifically did your vision problems start?
  • What vision problems have you experienced?

If you are seeking to file a lawsuit for eye damage you have suffered after taking Elmiron, speak with an attorney with our firm as soon as you can. You may have a deadline to file your claim.

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