Enfamil Baby Formula Lawsuit – Necrotizing Enterocolitis (NEC)

Parents across the country are filing lawsuits against Mead Johnson & Company, the maker of Enfamil brand baby formula. Lawsuits claim that the manufacturer failed to adequately warn consumers its cow milk-based formulas could cause preterm infants to get necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC). If you want to discuss your potential Enfamil baby formula lawsuit with our legal team, please schedule a free consultation. At Grant & Eisenhofer P.A. our attorneys are investigating these lawsuits for families.

What Is Necrotizing Enterocolitis (NEC)?

NEC is a serious and potentially deadly gastrointestinal bacterial condition that may occur in premature infants. This condition causes a rapid deterioration of intestinal tissue. This deterioration can allow bacteria to leak through the intestinal walls which may cause serious and life-threatening abdominal infections. Medical professionals often treat this condition with antibiotics and, when necessary, surgery to remove the damaged intestine.

If your premature infant required surgery or had ongoing issues due to NEC after being given Enfamil in the NICU, speak to an attorney. You may have legal options and may be eligible to file a NEC lawsuit.

The Link Between the Increased Risk of NEC and Baby Formula

Why do preterm babies have an increased risk of developing NEC when given popular infant formulas such as Enfamil or Similac? Medical professionals and scientists believe that this is due to the fact that the intestines of premature babies simply are not as developed as full-term babies. Preterm babies lack protection against infection and inflammation. Additionally, cow’s milk may encourage the growth of damaging and toxic bacteria. In comparison, human milk may add protection against damaging bacteria.

What Is the Status of the Enfamil NEC Lawsuits?

As of July 2022, the Enfamil NEC litigation is active. If you believe you have a valid claim and you wish to file with the help of our law firm, please contact us for a free consultation.

To learn more about the litigation regarding Enfamil, the Similac lawsuit, or other baby formula lawsuits, visit our blog.

Who Is Eligible to File an Enfamil Baby Formula Lawsuit?

Was your baby born premature and stayed in the NICU after birth? Was he or she fed Enfamil or Similac baby formula and diagnosed with NEC which required surgery, caused ongoing problems, or resulted in death? You may be eligible to file a baby formula lawsuit. Please call our law firm today at (888) 984-7988 to request a free consultation with one of our experienced attorneys. Our attorneys are investigating NEC cases throughout the country. We can help you determine if you are eligible to file a lawsuit.

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