Consolidated Essure Litigation May Be Allowed to Proceed in Philadelphia

As the public continues to learn more about the devastating effects from Bayer’s permanent birth control device Essure, thousands of affected women are waiting to see whether a Philadelphia federal judge will allow five lawsuits to proceed against the manufacturer.  In the consolidated litigation in Philadelphia, plaintiffs claim that Bayer tainted Essure’s premarket approval with negligence and deception.  Additionally, the plaintiffs allege that Bayer inadequately trained physicians, did not report known hazards to the FDA, and used misleading advertising. This news comes at a time when the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is reevaluating the safety and effectiveness of Essure in response to more than 5,000 adverse events since the device was approved in 2002. The FDA will convene in February 2016 to discuss what action to take over the permanent birth control device.

If you or a loved one experienced complications after being implanted with the permanent birth control device Essure, call us at 888-985-7227 to speak confidentially with an attorney about your potential claim.

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