Congress Calls on GM to Extended or Eliminate Deadline for Claims

Policymakers and advocacy groups alike have called on compensation fund administrators to extend or eliminate the deadline for filing ignition switch-related claims. Senator Blumenthal of Connecticut released a statement yesterday explaining the difficulties of meeting the deadlines for many families and victims of the defect, calling the deadline “inadequate.” Criminal investigations remain pending, as do questions of GM’s liability based on previous bankruptcy protections. The resolution of these issues may shed light on decisions victims need to make on litigation proceedings or participation in the fund established by GM. According to Blumenthal: “Victims must have a meaningful choice between accepting compensation through the fund and pursuing their claims in court, and that choice can’t be made until the outcomes of the bankruptcy proceeding and the Department of Justice Investigation are known.” If you have been the victim of an injury related to the GM ignition switch crisis, now is the time to speak to a lawyer regarding evaluation of your legal options in light of the short deadline to file a claim.

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