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Luctus et ultrices posuere cubilia cur.

97 Families Now Approved for Compensation from GM’s Defective Ignition Switch Crisis

General Motors’ ignition switch death toll is on the rise—reaching 97 people this week. The automaker, accused of covering up defects in its ignition switches that can slip out of the “on” position when driving and cause cars to crash, has approved compensation for these 97 families who lost loved ones due to...
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GM Ignition Switch Recall Death Claims Creep Up to 49

Nearly one year after General Motors announced its infamous ignition switch recall, fatalities resulting from the faulty key system defect now number 49. Additionally, five new injury claims have been approved by Kenneth Feinberg, GM’s compensation fund adviser, raising that figure to 72. The $400-$600 million fund was set up by GM to compensate...

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