Case Report Suggests Elmiron May Effect Vision Years Post-Treatment  

As patients that took Elmiron continue to file lawsuits concerning its vision-loss side-effects, a new case report indicates some alarming findings. In the report, published in Retinal Cases & Brief Reports, doctors from Emory University School of Medicine describe a woman who experienced vision problems three years after stopping Elmiron. The 44-year old developed Elmiron-induced maculopathy. This condition caused her to experience worsening vision problems, including problems with night vision. When doctors reviewed her eye records two years after she stopped taking the drug, they saw no sign of maculopathy at the time. It wasn’t until three years after her Elmiron use that her injuries developed.

Elmiron is designed treat a condition known as interstitial cystitis (IC), which causes bladder pain. Long-term use of the drug, however, has been linked to vision problems including loss of vision. Patients that took the drug have filed lawsuits against its manufacturer alleging that the drugmaker failed to warn patients of these risks.

Do You Have a Legal Claim? 

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