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Internal Documents Reveal Syngenta Misled Regulators about Paraquat Herbicide’s Safety

Internal Documents Reveal Syngenta Misled Regulators about Paraquat Herbicide’s Safety

Earlier this month, The Guardian reported that global chemical manufacturer Syngenta worked for decades to mislead regulators about the dangers associated with weed killer paraquat and its link to Parkinson’s disease.

According to internal corporate documents, The Guardian reports, Syngenta engaged in a series of tactics to protect themselves and their top-selling herbicide, including hiding unfavorable research (conducted by Syngenta’s own scientists) from regulators linking paraquat to the development of Parkinson’s, and involving lawyers to suggest edits to scientific reports and internal meeting minutes in order to minimize problematic findings. The information uncovered in these documents has led U.S. farmers and others to face off with Syngenta in litigation.

Lawsuits have been filed on behalf of farmers and other workers who were exposed to paraquat and subsequently developed the neurological condition. Plaintiffs claim that they were not warned of the alleged health risks associated with the herbicide, despite Syngenta’s knowledge of the dangers.

For nearly 15 years, studies have suggested an increased risk of developing Parkinson’s disease after being exposed to paraquat, including a 2009 study suggesting that exposure within 1,600 feet increased the risk for Parkinson’s by 75%. The study also indicated that individuals exposed at age 60 or younger were at much higher risk. Another study, published in 2011 in 

Environmental Health Perspectives, found that the herbicide may increase the risk of Parkinson’s by up to 150%.

Paraquat has been used for decades around the world, but is regarded as so dangerous that it has been banned from almost 60 countries and removed from many global supply chains.

Are You Eligible to File a Paraquat Lawsuit?

If you or a loved one handled or used an herbicide or pesticide containing paraquat and were later diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease, you may be legally entitled to compensation.

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